SHINING BROW - Usonian Version

music by DARON HAGEN   |   libretto by PAUL MULDOON


MUSIC DIRECTOR: Robert Wood   |   LIGHTING: Lucrecia Briceno   |  COSTUME COORDINATOR: Lauren Pedersen


"This self-proclaimed “usonian” version of Shining Brow under the direction of Grant Preisser strips back the façade of the famous architect, revealing his foil and true self beneath. An excellent introduction to the world of opera for any newcomers or a wonderful expansion of the tradition for those who are already fans..."

⏤ Em Skow, DC Metro Theater Arts

"Under the expert direction of Grant Preisser, this cast of talented stars triumphs the intellectual depth and genuine poignancy of this historical drama."

⏤ Erin Ridge, MD Theatre Guide

"An opera of this skill produced in such an intimate setting is a rare treat for DC theatre-goers. Every nuance is thought through from the moment you enter the mist-filled theatre."

⏤ Molly Korroch, BroadwayWorld

"Preisser’s simple backdrop set piece recalls the Prairie Style private houses built by Wright in this period, with their horizontally sloped roofs and cantilevered extensions. Rolling panels, also in Wright’s abstract geometric style for glass windows, create variety in the staging, directed fluidly by Preisser."

⏤ Charles T. Downey, Washington Classical Review